Stéphanie Lay

• Stephanie Lay is a painter, illustrator and sculptor. She’s coming from a family of painters decorators and studied art history and drawing to the Beaux arts de Caen where she obtained a CEAP. She received the major entrance exams and graduated with honors from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Stephanie Lay is still in the school of ENSAD when first clients entrusted her with design projects, an opportunity to explore many skills applicable to crafts. It is also in painting and art history that she draws inspiration and now working on fine decor.
• Web site: http://stephanielay.fr/

Mathias Gaillaguet

• Mathias Gaillaguet is a painter, wood engraver and draftsman. He began painting 14 years in Denmark, formed by the artists of « Rode Mor circle » in his adopted hometown of Aarhus. He produced his first prints and paintings and exhibiting regularly since there and in France. He has worked with the designer Matali Crasset and participated in several artbooks designed by the poet Michel Bulteau. Mathias Gaillaguet in parallel led design projects for individuals, decorators and architects. He brings his experience sensitive of paint and materials. Found in its decorative paints energy and precision.
Languages: English and Danish spoken